End clap for Google Stadia

End clap for Google Stadia

Launched in 2019, Google’s cloud gaming platform ” Stadia » closes its servers. Google announced on September 29 that “Stadia servers will be disabled on January 18, 2023”. During the presentation of its service in 2019, the company declared that “the future video game is not in a console”. The latter apparently intends to keep its promises.

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The Mountain View giant is keen to keep its commitments despite its failure

After the Google + social network and the Google connected glasses, the company is witnessing a new failure. The American giant has not been able to find a place in the video game sector. Due to the lack of audience, the cloud gaming platform service Stadia ended on January 18.

Google surprises video game enthusiasts

Stadia’s shutdown is probably just a drop in the sea of ​​Google products falling by the wayside. Except that this time, the giant of Technology adopts an unexpected behavior. Regarding its cloud gaming platform, Google refunded all hardware and games.

What about Stadia controllers?

Stadia came with an exclusive controller that couldn’t work on other platforms. However, a big change is afoot… The week of January 13, a Google employee announced big news for future ex-users of Google. Stadia. “Several of you have wanted to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia Controller. Therefore, we have good news for you: Bluetooth functionality will be added. A self-service tool to enable Bluetooth connections will be released and details will be released next week. »

The Stadia controller: a second life in Bluetooth mode

Through this announcement, Google offers users to Stadia switch their controller to Bluetooth mode so that it becomes compatible with other devices. The Bluetooth controller can thus be paired with a smartphone, a PC or a television (Android TV and Google TV services included). To do this, simply download a software update. The company explains that you must use Chrome 108 or a newer version to switch the controller to Bluetooth mode. Customers will be able to “switch to Bluetooth mode, check controller mode and available Bluetooth updates” until December 31, 2023. Players will also be able to play wired via USB.

Stadia will thus leave the field open to its competitors GeForce Now from NVIDIA and Xbox Cloud Gaming from Microsoft. Currently, cloud gaming has various subscription options and game compatibility is constantly innovating. However, there is still a long way to go before cloud gaming can one day equal physical consoles.