Elon Musk’s father reveals his son’s paranoia over their safety

Vanity Fair

In an exclusive interview, the 76-year-old engineer reveals that his son, Elon Musk is constantly worried about his safety and that of his loved ones. The owner’s father Twitter explained that the billionaire is particularly afraid of being kidnapped by mercenaries in order to earn “the fastest 20 million dollars in history”. Errol Musk wanted to explain that due to the increase in threats against Elon Musk, the security measures at his home have been reinforced.

The pensioner detailed his new security system, complete with surveillance cameras, an electrified fence and 24-hour surveillance by guards “armed to the teeth”. Explaining, not without pride, the new installation, the father of the billionaire indicated that “people from Elon contacted me to tell me that they wanted to completely secure my house. I now have nine cameras around the house that are monitored 24/7 and that I can control on my phone and TV. A way to publicly deter potential malicious attempts against his home in South Africa.

“They are constantly watching me”

The former engineer explained the security measures were overdue after he suffered four break-ins last year in which two large televisions were allegedly stolen from him. “They watch me all the time. If they see a suspicious car in my driveway, they come and ask me if I’m okay. I hate living like this, but I’ve lived like this in Johannesburg and Pretoria, and I understand where it comes from. »

Errol Musk the father of Elon Musk.

Cyrus McCrimmon/Getty Images

In recent times, the billionaire’s mistrust has increased dramatically after he published the Twitter Files which expose what he believes to be US government collusion with the platform to censor its content. Recently, Elon Musk showed off his bedside table to his 120 million followers. Above are a bottle of water, four open soda cans, a collectible pistol in an ornate case, and a Diamondback revolver. A quasi-panoply of the American nerd in which it would not have been improbable a loaded rifle to kill those who would wish him harm.

The head of Tesla and SpaceX himself declared, after his takeover of Twitter for 44 billion dollars, that he is facing possible attempts to attempt his life. He said in particular that “the risk of something serious happening or even that we are literally being shot is quite significant. It’s not very difficult to kill me if someone wanted to, so let’s hope it doesn’t. It should be noted that the monster of social networks can still count on a close guard, made up of more than a hundred bodyguards.

Paranoid from father to son

In September 2022, the Sun revealed how Errol Musk killed three individuals at his villa in South Africa in 1998 as his daughter clung to his leg. Elon Musk’s father boasted that he miraculously dodged every bullet thrown by the bandits before grabbing his 357 Magnum to shoot one man in the head and two others in the chest, killing them all three. Errol Musk maintains that after these murders, he would have been acquitted of the manslaughter charges against him. No wonder her son is developing significant paranoia disorder.