Elon Musk: Who is Shivon ZIlis, the mother of Tesla founder’s hidden twins

Elon Musk: Who is Shivon ZIlis, the mother of Tesla founder's hidden twins

Billionaire Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis, the project director of his company Neuralink, would have had twins in November 2021, announces this Wednesday “Business Insider”.

A well-kept secret so far. Business Insider magazine reports that Tesla boss Elon Musk, 51, had twins with a woman named Shivon Zilis.

This 36-year-old Canadian turns out to be the project director of one of the billionaire’s start-ups, more precisely Neuralink, a company specializing in neural implants.

Originally from Markham, Ontario, Canada, Shivon Zilis graduated from Yale University in 2008 with a degree in economics and philosophy. She was notably a goalkeeper for the women’s ice hockey team.

After starting her career at IBM, she joined Bloomberg’s venture capital fund Beta as a founding member with an increased interest in artificial intelligence investments. She was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2015. She is also listed as a director, advisor or board member of several other artificial intelligence companies.

The young woman would have met Elon Musk through his work at OpenAI, an artificial intelligence non-profit organization he co-founded, according to Insider.

Zilis also worked for Musk’s electric car company Tesla, where she served for two years as a project manager for the company’s AI projects, including its ‘Autopilot’ semi-autonomous driving system. “. She has worked at Neuralink since 2017.

Also according to Insider, Zilis lived in San Francisco before moving into a mansion in Austin, Texas last summer. The home is valued at over $4 million on the Zillow real estate platform. Both Zilis and Musk reportedly listed the Austin mansion as their home address in court records.

The babies would also have been born in Austin, indicates the magazine which specifies that last April, Elon Musk and Shivon Zilis asked a Texas court to change the names of the newborns, so that they “have the name of their father’s surname and contain their mother’s surname as part of their middle name.”

The twins would therefore be born a few weeks before the second child of Elon Musk with the musician Grimes, who was born in December, and would bring the number of children of the billionaire to ten.

Before Exa Dark Sideræl Musk, commonly called “Y” and the boy born in 2020, who responds to the diminutive “X” – shortened from X Æ A-12 – Elon Musk had already had six children with Justine Wilson. The eldest, named Nevada Alexander, died in 2002 just ten weeks after birth. Married between 2000 and 2008, the businessman and the novelist then welcomed the twins Griffin and Xavier in 2004 then triplets, Kai Saxon and Damian born in 2006.

One of them, a transgender girl, recently filed a formal request to change her surname along with her gender in order to sever all ties with her father, according to legal documents seen by AFP.

“I no longer live with my biological father and no longer want to be associated with him in any form whatsoever,” wrote the young woman.

Born Xavier Alexander Musk, she asked to be called Vivian Jenna Wilson and thus take the maiden name of her mother, divorced from Elon Musk in 2008.

The latter had criticized, in particular in tweets posted in 2020, transgender people asking to be identified by specific pronouns.