Elon Musk wants to remove the certification of people who do not pay, because it was corrupt

Elon Musk should save us by killing Twitter

The Twitter Blue subscription is back, while gold badges have made an appearance to help distinguish corporate accounts from those of personalities. Regarding old certified accounts, Elon Musk wants to force them to pay.

A few hours before the return of the paid Twitter Blue subscription on November 12, a certified public figure badge read: “This account is verified because it is considered notable in the category of news, government, entertainment, or other specific area. »

Since then, the situation has changed. To better promote his paid formula and create even more confusion on the social network that he bought for 44 billion dollars, Elon Musk asked for the following formula: “This account has been certified for a while, it may not be well known anymore.” Paradoxically, all verified accounts are affected by this formulation, including those recently verified or those of super celebrities, like Elon Musk himself.

Going forward, the only option to own the blue badge will be the $8 per month subscription, as confirmed by Elon Musk. Enough to completely devalue the value of the information shared on its platform, by favoring money over the authenticity of the messages sent.

Elon Musk’s accusations

Why did you decide to change the wording of the old certified accounts? The reason seems obvious: Elon Musk’s goal, who says he wrote the sentence himselfis to make formerly certified people feel outdated, while the Twitter Blue subscription is the coolest new way to shine on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly, fans of Elon Musk, who absolutely praise everything he says, overwhelmingly praised him for this attack on public figures, which would contribute to the “culture war” in which Elon Musk believes (the billionaire takes up an American theory according to which two currents of thought oppose each other: that of “awakened” people and that of people from the system who want to impose a narrative. The nuance is not or little part of this war of ideas).

The most astonishing thing in the statements of Elon Musk who, a few hours earlier, swung several false information on the coronavirus, attacked the question of gender, insulted the media and said he wanted to fight the “woke virus”, is the reason for which he decided to downgrade the old certified accounts. According to him, the old verification method was “corrupt and illogical”. As a reminder, to be certified before, you had to send proof of your public activity and a photocopy of your identity documents. Today, all you have to do is pay $8 and give your phone number. Which is more debatable? We let you decide.

Since November 12, brand accounts have been golden. // Source: Capture Numerama

For the moment, Twitter Blue is not available in Europe (it is unfortunately becoming a bad habit with Elon Musk, who only seems to think about the United States). When it is available, the massive appearance, or not, of blue badges will tell us if the public has responded. Anyway, after trying to reassure advertisers and the public for a few days, Elon Musk seems to want to divide again. Following him with his eyes closed, as some do, seems more and more complicated. What will Twitter look like in a few months, when all reputable accounts are indistinguishable from others?