Elon Musk wants ‘extremely hardcore’ teams at Twitter

Elon Musk assume totalement son management chez Twitter, qualifiée de chaotique par certains, et au contraire revendique lui-même le droit à l'erreur.

Posted Nov 16, 2022, 6:39 PMUpdated Nov. 17, 2022, 7:19 a.m.

Elon Musk applies the management methods put in place at his car manufacturer Tesla to the social network Twitter, which he has just bought for 44 billion dollars and which was accustomed to a more progressive human resources policy.

He has thus just announced this Wednesday in an e-mail to employees of the micro-blogging site and revealed by the “Washington Post” that he needed teams ready to be “extremely hardcore”, to work “long high-intensity hours” and displaying “outstanding performance” to build the new “Twitter 2.0” under its umbrella. He had recently declared that the situation of the delisted company was fragile.

Three months of allowances

Employees of the blue bird site, who no longer have the same rights to telecommuting and will quickly be half as many – a little over 3,500 – than before the change of ownership, have until Thursday to to decide. Anyone who has not clicked on a “you want to be part of the new Twitter” link by Thursday evening will be deemed to have resigned. They will receive a severance package of three months’ salary.

At the controls of Twitter since the end of October, Elon Musk also announced on Tuesday that the launch of the new paid subscription Twitter Blue, which was to take place this weekend, will finally be postponed to November 29. “To make sure it’s concrete,” he said in a tweet.

Twitter Blue launched on November 29

This service was first to replace the authentication of members of this social network highly prized by political, economic and media circles, in addition to offering an improved service. Finally, while some have succeeded in this way to pass themselves off as who they were not, the company has set up another medallion, gray and free, for “official” personalities or institutions. His management of Twitter is described as chaotic by observers, but Elon Musk fully assumes it and on the contrary claims himself the right to make mistakes.

Another interesting detail from Elon Musk’s email revealing the culture he wants to instill, the SpaceX founder said the group would be “much more engineering-focused” under his leadership, adding that “those who write ‘excellent lines of code will form the majority of our team and have the most influence’.

VIDEO. The sensational entry of Elon Musk into the premises of Twitter… armed with a sink

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