Elon Musk dissolves Twitter’s external moderation advisory body

Elon Musk dissolves Twitter's external moderation advisory body

Elon Musk, the whimsical owner of Twitter, dissolved the social network’s Trust and Safety Council, an advisory body made up of outside experts who helped define the company’s moderation policy, on Monday evening, according to the washington post.

According to the American daily, this decision, which was notified to the members of the board when it was to meet less than an hour later with the boss of Twitter, is “the last sign that Elon Musk is unraveling years of work and institutions created to make the social network safer and more civilized”.

The experts who make up the monitoring body, mainly academics and civil rights activists, all volunteers, received an e-mail – titled “Thank you” and signed “Twitter” – informing them that the Trust and Security Council does not was more “the best structure” to bring “outside ideas to our product and policy development work,” adds the washington postciting people familiar with the matter.

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White House reaction

Some members of the council also intended to leave it, the newspaper continues. “We got fired instead of quitting,” says Larry Magid, chief executive of ConnectSafely, a nonprofit that specializes in children’s internet use, adding, “Elon doesn’t want criticism.”

The night before, invited to a show stage in San Francisco by comedian Dave Chappelle, the billionaire was greeted with a mixture of applause and hearty boos. So much heckling “is a first for me in real life (it’s common on Twitter),” Elon Musk then noted in a tweet. The appearance on stage came after the man, who presents himself as an advocate for free speech and regularly claims that Twitter was previously biased in favor of leftist ideas, himself published a series over the weekend. of polemical messages, attacking in turn the former security officer of Twitter Yoel Roth, the non-gendered pronouns, or the outgoing adviser to Joe Biden on the pandemic Anthony Fauci.

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Elon Musk’s comments on the latter even caught the attention of the White House, which on Monday deemed them “revolting and out of touch with reality”, as well as “dangerous”, the immunologist having received numerous threats from from the far right and American conspiracy theorists.

Launch of paid certification

Despite the turmoil and controversy surrounding his boss Twitter launched on Monday, after several postponements, his new paid subscription formula including account authentication, one of his flagship projects for the platform, after a first attempt marked by the influx of fake accounts and great confusion.

The company gradually opened subscriptions during the day. Main interest for people agreeing to disburse money: a tick supposed to certify the identity of the subscriber, blue for individuals, gold for companies, and later in the week, gray for institutions. Twitter has also tightened the requirements for authentication, including users must have an account for at least 90 days associated with a verified phone number that does not appear “misleading or misleading”.

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They must also have been active at least once in the previous month and not have changed their profile picture or their name on Twitter during the previous week.

Users who already have a check mark can, a priori, keep it without paying, according to the details of the conditions of use published by Twitter. This subscription will initially be available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, for $8 per month, or $11 for Apple device owners.