Elon Musk dissolves a council that helped Twitter in its moderation

Elon Musk dissolves a council that helped Twitter in its moderation

Composed of experts from outside the social network, the trust and safety council had been in place since 2016. It helped the company’s teams define its moderation policies for the platform.

Presenting himself as a great defender of freedom of expression, Elon Musk has multiplied the changes in terms of moderation on Twitter since he bought the social network. After the return of banned personalities or the end of the fight against disinformation linked to Covid, the boss of the company decided to dissolve the trust and security council on December 12.

Created in 2016it was an advisory body made up of experts from outside the company whose objective was to“improve the serenity of public conversation”. He thus helped Twitter to improve its moderation policies regarding harassment, suicide and the sexual exploitation of children. The members of this council learned of its dissolution by email. Shared by CNNthis one explains that Twitter “re-evaluates the best way to integrate outside points of view” in the development of its platform and policy and believes that the body “is not the best structure to do so”.

A boss and changes criticized

Like other changes made by Elon Musk, the demise of the Trust and Security Council, which has no successor at the moment, has been criticized. Patricia Cartes, a former Twitter employee who created the advisory body, said on Monday that its dissolution “means that there is no longer a balance of power”. Alex Holmes, one of its members, found this decision regrettable. “Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was made up of volunteers who for many years volunteered their time when consulted by Twitter employees to advise them on a wide variety of security issues. and online dangers »does he have declared on the social network. He also recalled that the board “had never been a governing or decision-making body”.

The dissolution of this body was announced when a meeting was to be held between its members and the new head of the Twitter trust and safety team, Ella Irwin. It was canceled at the last minute. Few days ago, three members had also announced their resignationexplaining that “Contrary to what Elon Musk claims, the safety and well-being of Twitter users is declining”. Council members were further harassed over the weekend following a statement by the social media boss that they had “refused to take action against child sexual exploitation for years”. However, as the Associated Press recalls, the organ had a working group on this issue.

Elon Musk also targeted former Twitter security chief Yoel Roth over the weekend. “Looks like Yoel is making the case for children’s access to adult internet services in his doctoral dissertation”does he have tweeted. According to CNNhe was forced to leave his home because of the threats he received.