Elon Musk destroys Tesla because of his stupid tweets

Elon Musk destroys Tesla because of his stupid tweets

News JVTech Elon Musk destroys Tesla because of his stupid tweets

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Elon Musk, Elon Musk, Elon Musk, everyone has been talking about this name for a few months now, and the takeover of Twitter really hasn’t helped. The billionaire is used to being provocative on the social network, but actions have consequences.

Elon Musk can’t stop tweeting…

Since the takeover of Twitter by multi-billionaire Elon Musk, there has been panic. The group sees its workforce halved and many bugs surface. Elon obviously does not know which way to take the direction of a social network.

Even if the man is the creator of several very well-known companies, his numerous interventions begin to bring out in him the part of the tyrannical manager who swears only by money. Indeed, Tesla employees have already complained about the very dry methods of their boss. Indeed, Elon Musk is known to force his employees to sleep in the office and to prevent teleworking as much as possible.

And for once, the management of a social network is completely different from a car or rocket company. Communication is even more highlighted, especially since Elon Musk is eagerly awaited with each publication on Twitter.

This is the case of Elon’s post responding to Dmirty Medvedev, deputy to the Russian Security Council, who explains his own predictions about the future of the Western world.

With a simple tweet, Elon Musk angered the market and melted Tesla’s stock by 11.4%. Elon Musk tends to “talk too much” with more than questionable opinions and at the same time censor many accounts that do not go along with him. A shame for a bearer of “freedom of expression”.

Tesla in (almost) freefall

Tesla’s share price has literally halved since the Twitter takeover last October. Even if the links may not be visible at first glance, the positions of the billionaire are sincerely starting to scare investors.

Of course, the huge growth during the Covid period, the post-lockdown fallout and Chinese competition in the automotive market did not help. There is also talk of numerous shortages of electronic components necessary for the design of FSD 4.0 (Full Self Driving) chips by TSMC, which has slowed down considerably during this year 2022.

Even if the year 2023 should show us rising figures on the electronic part, it is necessary to believe that the various interventions of Mr. Musk on Twitter, cause real economic fallout on his business.

As a reminder, Tesla stock soared to $400 in November 2021 from $109 this week. A loss of speed for the car company which should find comfort during this year, hoping that Elon Musk does not cause the fall of his empire himself.

For the time being, Elon Musk remains a strong personality of the moment, even if many fans of the entrepreneur are beginning to take a step back from the positions and conspiratorial tendencies of the “self-made man”.