Elon Musk degrades Twitter even more: users furious

Elon Musk degrades Twitter even more: users furious

News JVTech Elon Musk degrades Twitter even more: users furious

In a further push for exclusivity, Twitter has presumably decided to cut off access to the platform from some of the most popular third-party clients, including Tweetbot and Twitterific. Bad news for people who have been using them daily for years.

To use Twitter, it is possible to go through the official application or through the platform’s site, but also through various third-party clients.. Among them, we find Tweetbot and Twittertific, two solutions that allow you to hide ads and customize the display of tweets. Twitter’s third-party clients rely on features that are not present in the official version of the social network.

Anyway, everything was working perfectly until a few days ago.. Indeed, on January 13, users of these platforms found that they no longer had access to their account. Initially, everyone believed in a bug: Twitterrific simply indicated “having a problem communicating with Twitter”.

In a publication named “State of the Twitterverse», the creators of this client initially thought it was an issue with the Twitter API. “This is not surprising since the new owner has fired employees dedicated to the smooth operation of the API, including developer evangelists who previously provided communication with third parties”, explains the publication. But, soon, the bug theory was dismissed.

Blocking third-party clients: this is not a bug, but a choice of Twitter

On their side, the developers of Tweetbot have successfully demonstrated that the blocking of access to the Twitter API was intentional on the part of the social network. Paul Haddad, the main developer of the service, changed the master key of his application, intended to validate the use of the API of Twitter, with an older reference. This restored the connection between the two services for a few hours, before access was cut again.

In other words, employees in the Twitter offices simply began to make obsolete the keys allowing third-party clients to activate their connection with the API. “It proves that it was intentional and that we, and others, were specifically targeted”sums up Paul Haddad on his Mastodon account.

For now, the most popular third-party clients no longer work and therefore Twitter users have no choice but to use the official solutions to access their account. Paul Haddad and other concerned developers said that at the moment they are not dealing with anyone from Twitter. The platform has not published an official press release either, and Elon Musk, however very talkative, has not mentioned the situation either.

According to the website The Informationrelayed by The VergeTwitter developers would have confirmed that this situation was “intentional” and that the social network was currently preparing a communication on the subject. It remains to be seen why to act like this? Twitter may seek to bring users back to its platform to impose its own advertising and sponsored tweets on them., which are part of the monetization stakes. A theory like any other, but which may prove to be coherent when we take into account the difficulties of Twitter to earn enough money to survive in the long term.