Elon Musk could launch an alternative smartphone

Elon Musk could launch an alternative smartphone

After electric cars, rockets for Mars, or even the takeover of Twitter and its upheaval, Elon Musk could well create his alternative smartphone. An intention revealed in a tweet. Would the new boss of Twitter do it better than his predecessors who tried the adventure?

After getting entangled in the acquisition of Twitter for the astronomical sum of 44 billion dollars, not a week goes by withoutElon MuskElon Musk turn it upside down social networksocial network with tweets and pseudo polls. There was the affair of the macaroons of certificatescertificates blues accessible to all for a subscription at 8 dollars/month. A service quickly suspended given the number of account hijackings in just a few days.

Elon Musk then moved on to restoring former US President Donald Trump’s account. He had been banned the day after the invasion of the Capitol in the United States. The ousted president bore some responsibility through the messages inciting violence that he posted on social media. Finally, after a survey via Twitter, that is to say having nothing scientific, the boss of Tesla once again considered that the “people” want the return of the suspended accounts. An amnesty that should quickly lead to an increase in harassment, hate speech and misinformation.

Yesterday, in a reply to a tweet, Elon Musk hinted that he would be tempted to launch his own alternative smartphones and even that he might not have any other choice in the future. Mobiles with a new OS competing with that of theiPhoneiPhone and Android. In any case, this is what emerges from an exchange with a twitter.

Creating a smartphone, child’s play when making rockets?

The user, an American YouTuber, considered that for someone who builds rocketsrockets that can go to Mars, design a small smart phonesmart phone should be easy to get out of the hegemony of Android and Apple. Musk replied: I sure hope it doesn’t come to that but, yeah, if there’s no other choice, I’ll make an alternative phone “. A tweet that generated many responses supporting this idea.

Create an alternative smartphone, other tenors ofInternetInternet tried it without success. This was the case ofAmazonAmazon with its Fire Phone, a home smartphone launched in 2014 with its operating systemoperating system called Fire OS. It had embossed display capability and its app store was Amazon’s. The mobile was discontinued after a year of marketing. FacebookFacebook, the direct competitor of Twitter also intended to launch its own smartphone more than ten years ago. This Facebook phone had to run its OS around appsapps of the firm. The project was abandoned. Like what to launch an alternative smartphone remains a complicated matter. Knowing how to make rockets does not guarantee anything.