Elon Musk backtracks: Apple ‘never considered’ removing Twitter from the App Store

Elon Musk

After a meeting with Tim Cook, Elon Musk returned to his remarks and now claims that Apple has “never considered” removing Twitter from the App Store.

Elon MuskCEO of Twitter, has posted a message Wednesday afternoon saying he had been assured that Apple had “never considered” removing Twitter from its App Store, following a meeting with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cookjust days after he lashed out at Apple on Twitter.

Elon Musk said Tim Cook showed him around Apple headquarters, where the two men had a “good conversation” that “resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter’s potential removal from the App Store.” »

The billionaire tweeted on Monday (November 28th) that Apple had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store and indicated that it was ready to “go to war” against App Store policies, such as the 30% share that ‘Apple takes on in-app purchases for apps making at least $1 million a year on the App Store.

He also accused Apple of censorship earlier this week and asked if America hates free speech after he claimed Apple had cut advertising on Twitter.

It’s unclear whether Apple’s plans to cut ad spend on Twitter are still in place after Elon Musk’s visit on Wednesday, or if those plans ever existed. Apple declined to answer questions from Forbes.

“Tim made it clear that Apple never considered doing this,” Elon Musk said of Twitter’s exclusion from the App Store.

Many experts have recently raised concerns that Elon Musk’s moves to relax Twitter’s moderation guidelines, such as eliminating policies prohibiting hate speech and covid-related misinformation, risk violating Twitter’s rules. App Store. Apple has a long list of requirements for apps offered on the App Store, but at the top of the list is a directive prohibiting “objectionable content”, including “content that is offensive, insensitive, shocking, intended to cause, very bad taste or simply disturbing. Elon Musk even suggested he was ready to develop an “alternative phone” if Twitter was removed from the App Store and Google Play store (for Android devices). Tesla’s billionaire CEO’s open threat of ‘war’ on Apple has sparked concern on Wall Street, Dan Ivesanalyst at Wedbush, declaring that a “new Musk vs. Apple battle is not what investors want to see. »

The European Union issued a warning to Elon Musk on Wednesday, informing him that it could ban Twitter in Europe if the platform does not strengthen its content moderation measures.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Nicholas Reimann

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