Elon Musk announces an 8 dollar subscription for verified accounts, and mocks Internet users

Twitter édition de tweet

Twitter’s new premium subscription will include a number of benefits, but will cost $8 per month.

Elon Musk has officially bought Twitter, and he has already planned to clean up the blue bird platform. After laying off a large part of the company’s staff, and threatening the rest of the employees, the billionaire now plans to charge for the certification badges. Used by press groups, companies or the most influential personalities on the platform, the little blue macaroon will now be accessible through a premium subscription.

8 dollars per month to certify your account

After a few days of rumors, Elon Musk finally confirmed the news: in a tweet published on Tuesday, November 1, the businessman indicated that certified users will now have to pay 8 dollars per month, on pain of losing their precious blue badge. The subscription will also allow several advantages, such as the halving of advertisements, the possibility of posting longer content, as well as a display priority in news feeds, search results and mentions.

The subscription price will obviously vary depending on the country, and should also allow content creators to more effectively monetize their work on the platform, said Elon Musk.

Remember that since last year, Twitter already offers a premium subscription, called Twitter Blue. For about 5 dollars per month, Internet users had access to new features in preview, such as the possibility of modifying a tweet after sending, or of customizing their search bar.

The fact of subjecting the certification to a premium subscription obviously did not meet with unanimous approval. For Elon Musk, this solution would be the only viable way to overcome bots on the social network. In reality, this change is likely to dissuade certain certified accounts from keeping their blue sticker, while allowing other more or less reliable sources to obtain theirs. It is still unclear how the badge will be awarded precisely, and whether the company will carry out real checks before charging for this new option.

Does Elon Musk want profitability at all costs?

The richest man in the world repeated it several times before buying Twitter: he intends to make the platform the sanctuary of freedom of expression in his image. If he assured that profitability would not be his priority, and that the takeover of the social network was to be considered as a service for humanity, he seems to have decided to (finally) make the business model of the blue bird profitable. Faced with the wave of protest linked to his recent announcements, the boss of Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter did not hesitate to quip: “To all the complainers, keep going, but the price will remain at $8“.