Electric car, cancer, Bill Gates… The 5 positive news of the day

voiture électrique

News related information is not always rosy and can affect morale. With this 100% positive format, which appears every day, we try to make you smile by keeping you informed.

Electric vehicles: the ambitious objectives of the executive

Emmanuel Macron presented his support plan for the electric vehicle sector, in an interview published on Sunday in “Les Échos”. The President of the Republic has announced the objective of producing one million electric cars in France by 2027. “More than 80% of the electric vehicles purchased so far have been imported”, explained Emmanuel Macron, who specified that the first electric batteries made in France should be released in the coming months.

The latter also announced the installation of 3,000 new terminals each month. The ecological bonus to help households buy an electric car will go from 6,000 to 7,000 euros.

Fuel discount extended

“The fuel discount will be extended until mid-November,” Elisabeth Borne announced on Sunday evening. This discount of 30 cents was to end on November 1. The Prime Minister also specified an improvement in service stations during the week.

Towards the end of digital ads

A bill, aimed at banning digital and luminous advertisements in public space, was presented today. This measure is based on one of the proposals of the Citizens’ Climate Convention, for which 150 people were drawn by lot in 2019 to develop ways to preserve the environment.

Soon a vaccine against cancer?

The scientists who developed the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine discussed the possibility of a cancer vaccine by the end of the decade, in an interview with the BBC. As with the Covid vaccine, the mRNA cancer vaccine project would work by sending a genetic instruction code to a cell to produce an antigen or protein.

The Bill Gates Foundation mobilized against poliomyelitis

The Bill Gates Foundation will invest $1.2 billion to fight poliomyelitis around the world. The money will be donated to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).