Download Free Clock for Android APK

Download Free Clock for Android APK

Convenient to have the time or start a timer on an Android mobile, the Google Clock app has several very useful functions. Like the ability to save custom alarm clock ringtones.

Regardless of the brand of your Android smartphone, you have a clock-type application as standard – which is available as a widget – to display the time, set alarms or start a timer. A useful application, but not always very ergonomic, depending on the choice of the manufacturer – there are dozens of apps of this type. And if you want to have more practical functions, it is in your best interest to use the Google Clock application, which you can install in addition to or instead of the default application. Not only is it free, and compatible with all Android smartphones – Google obliges –, but in addition to its very clear interface, it has some significant advantages.

This is particularly the case for its alarm clock function, the one that wakes you up from sleep in the morning. Because if, like all other applications of the same type, it allows you to choose the ringtone that will sound at the set time from a collection of sounds stored in your mobile, it also offers in its latest version (7.3) new possibilities to vary the pleasures. It allows you, for example, to fetch music from your Spotify account, to retrieve sounds from the Calm app (to wake up really gently) or even to connect to YouTube Music to use a song of your choice – only if you have a paid YouTube Premium account. Even better, it allows you to record your own sounds with your smartphone and then use them as your alarm clock. This opens the way to all kinds of fantasies: a message from your child, the voice of your other half, a strange noise, a song, or any other sound that you think can get you out of bed. Nice !

How do I save a custom alarm clock ringtone with Google Clock?

Are you tired of all the ringtones offered by default on your Android smartphone for your alarm clock? Record your own sounds in just a few steps with the Google Clock app.

► If it is not installed by default on your mobile, download and install

► Tap the widget Clock displayed on your smartphone screen. If you have not placed the widget on the home screen, find the Clock app among the apps installed on your mobile and tap its icon to open it.

► Press Alarm, with the alarm clock icon, on the left in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen. The first times, Google tells you what’s new for this app with the possibility of using Spotify, Calm or YouTube Music sounds to wake you up.

► Select an existing alarm or create a new one by pressing the round button +. In the pane that displays its settings, tap Default ringtone.

► Under Section Recorded sounds figure a button Save. Press it to immediately proceed to record the desired sound.

► The Recorder app then takes over. Press on the red button to start recording. Press on To end when you are done.

► The sound is recorded and applied as a wake-up ringtone. It is played in a loop. All you have to do is activate the alarm. You will notice in passing that the sound file is simply timestamped (with the day and time of recording). Unfortunately, it is not possible to rename it at the moment even if the file appears well in the Recorder app and remains editable