Did Bill Gates predict a pandemic as internet users claim?

Did Bill Gates predict a pandemic as internet users claim?

“For Bill Gates, the next risk is a smallpox epidemic. Oh well, how weird, here is an unexplained multiplication of cases of monkeypox, “wrote a user on Twitter. For several days, the message has been circulating on Twitter, while the first cases of this disease were detected in France last week.

The Evening Mail, pinned for its many false information, also broadcast these remarks. “Just six months ago, Bill Gates, in an interview with Policy ExchangeBritish media, warned us against the arrival of a possible pandemic of smallpox in the world”, can we read.

Internet users claim that the founder of Microsoft would have predicted monkey pox. – Screenshot

Also called monkeypox, monkeypox can cause a variety of symptoms: fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, swollen lymph nodes, chills and fatigue. Rashes can also occur, often on the face, and spread to other parts of the body, including the genitals. There is no treatment for this viral infection which is cured on its own. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) assured that “for the general population, the probability of contagion is very low”.

Just as Microsoft’s founder didn’t create Covid-19 and time vaccination so he could inject people with chips, he also didn’t predict a monkeypox pandemic. 20 minutes make the point.


As we can read on the Courrier du soir site, all the false information is based on an interview given by Bill Gates to Policy Exchange, a London-based conservative think tank. In it, he explains that, in his opinion, the means invested in research must be increased in order to prepare for potential future pandemics. “We have seen the damage that this causes, in terms of the economy, mortality…”, underlines Bill Gates.

The latter calls for a working group on pandemics at the level of the World Health Organization (WHO), and also mentions “germ games”. This would take the form of preparatory training that would ask, “How would the world react to this?” or what should be done. This is where the misinformation originated. The entrepreneur takes an example for his “game”: “What if a bioterrorist brought smallpox to ten airports? »

It was therefore not a prediction, but a possible training scenario. Moreover, it is explained that monkey pox is a disease that is transmitted naturally from animals to humans and vice versa. Which in no way corresponds to the track of the bioterrorist, nor to that of the airports.

Bill Gates is not the only one to warn of potential future pandemics. Futuribles’ 2020 Vigie Report, which explores 16 rupture scenarios for 2040-2050, stated that we have a high risk of experiencing other pandemics in the next twenty years. UN experts have also claimed that the world is heading towards pandemics which could be more frequent and more deadly.