Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company is building its private space station

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos' company is building its private space station

SPACE – The privatization of space continues. The companies Blue Origin and Sierra Space announced on October 25 that they wanted to build a private space station which should be operational during “the second half of the decade”, i.e. before 2030. It will be able to accommodate up to 10 people, as you can see in the video above.

This new project is a further sign of the frantic race to commercialize low Earth orbit. Blue Origin, which has billionaire Jeff Bezos as boss, already has activities in space tourism with its New Shepard rocket.

“For more than six decades, NASA and other space agencies have developed orbital flight and habitat in space, setting us on a path for private enterprise to take off this decade,” Brent said in a statement. Sherwood, manager at Blue Origin. We will expand access, drive down costs.“

Several companies will be partners in the project, in particular Boeing, which will be in charge of the scientific module and will provide the means of transport to this station: the Starliner capsule, which is currently still in the test phase.

Orbital Reef dreams of a successor to the ISS

The other ambition of Orbital Reef is to replace the International Space Station which is reaching the end of its viability. The future of the ISS is now officially assured until 2024 and, from a technical point of view, NASA has endorsed the fact that it is capable of operating until 2028. Several modules have been subject to a whole series of cracks in recent years, revealing the aging age of the resort.

Private companies could thus take over the space outpost, and let NASA concentrate on distant exploration missions.

Axiom Space, for example, announced a long time ago that it wanted to build its own, which will first be attached to the ISS before becoming autonomous.
And more recently, the Nanoracks company, in collaboration with the companies Lockheed Martin and Voyager Space, announced that it wanted to build a commercial station called Starlab, which should be operational from 2027.

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