Biotechnology: Jeff Bezos injects billions of dollars to cheat death

Biotechnology: Jeff Bezos injects billions of dollars to cheat death

As humans, we are all doomed to die one day. It is only in cinematographic fictions that Man can live eternally. Yet immortality fascinates many scientists or billionaires… The founder and ex-boss of Amazon, Jeff Bezos also seems to caress vse sweet dream, and take matters into your own hands. To do this, he has just invested a lot of money in a start-up that aims to make ordinary mortals immortal. An entire program ! ALTOS LABS was launched on January 19, and the goal is therefore to make us immortal, or at least to postpone the date of our death. We will try to explain everything to you!

Immortality, an endless quest!

Whether Jeff Bezos embarks on the quest for immortality, he is obviously not the first to want to work on the subject. An American company, NEW LIMIT, seems to have outstripped it somewhat. This company focuses on epigenetic reprogramming and would like to reprogram our cells in order to extend our lifespan. According to the site The Byte, the American billionaire would have assembled an army of scientists whose mission would be to realize his ultimate dream: immortality. He would have asked them to develop a technology that would delay death… Ad vitam eternam! “I am deeply honored by the unique opportunity to lead such a unique company, whose mission is to roll back disease,”said Hal Barron(former chief scientific officer of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline) in a press release from the startup.

A shock team !

Jeff Bezos never does anything halfway, and his billions allow him to surround himself with the best scientists in the world! To achieve this feat, he did not hesitate to recruit the Dr Shinya Yamanaka, Nobel laureate in medicine in 2012 for his work on stem cells, and Jennifer Doudna, a specialist in structural biology and RNA decryption and co-winner of the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technique. Two extraordinary specialists who now have the heavy task of finding how to make us immortal…

“Altos seeks to decipher the pathways of cellular rejuvenation programming to create an entirely new approach to medicine, based on emerging concepts of cellular health (…) the ability to effectively and safely reprogram cells and tissues through rejuvenation, open up this new perspective on the medicine of the future (…) our success will depend on a culture of intense collaboration, enthusiasm and openness.” precise Rick Klausner.

How are they going to do it?

For an announced salary of around one million dollars, the two scientists will have to work on the process of slowing down the aging of our cells. Bezos has invested 3 billion dollars to launch research, help from the billionaire Yuri Milner who goes on an adventure with the founder of Amazon. The goal is therefore to develop a technology that could allow the biological reprogramming of our cells. In other words, the method will be to rejuvenate our cells when they reach a certain age, before any form of neuro-degenerative diseases can disturb them. Not only Bezos hopes to achieve immortality, but he also plans to cure diseases related to dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease for example.

Image credit: Altos

Make immortal, or delay the effects of aging?

If no one yet knows how to make us immortal, many scientists are working on “delaying the aging of our cells”. The doctor Felipe Sierra already working on the subject, but does not seek to achieve immortality. The work of his team consists rather of acting on the cells before they can develop Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Acting on healthy cells and delaying their aging would therefore make it possible to age in good health, without dementia. To prolong life in good conditions, such would rather be the hope of this team. Jeff Bezoshe would like to go further by making us immortal… To be continued!