Bill Gates unveils his CV from 1974, just before the creation of Microsoft

Bill Gates unveils his CV from 1974, just before the creation of Microsoft

Bill Gates has just unveiled his old CV from 1974. Just before the creation of Microsoft, the young student at Harvard had started looking for a job in the computer world. The document contains several interesting or in any case original information.

Bill Gates, the illustrious co-founder of Microsoft, has just revealed his old curriculum vitae in a publication on LinkedIn. Dated 1974, the CV contains several information on the computer scientist and his career before the creation of Microsoft.

We learn in particular that Bill Gates, his full name William Henry Gatesdeveloped a computer system for analyzing road traffic in 1972. This project was developed with the help of Paul Allenthe other co-founder of Microsoft.

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Bill Gates also mentions the creation of a computer tool capable of organizing the schedules of private secondary schools. Thanks to this project, the young prodigy won 10,000 dollars. Despite these early prowess, the billionaire shows great modesty:

qWhether you recently graduated or dropped out of college, I’m sure your resume is way more interesting than mine was 48 years ago. “.

A salary of $12,000 per year

A student at the prestigious Harvard University in the United States, Bill Gates, then 18 years old, was looking for a job as a systems analyst or systems programmer. He specifies that the place of work does not matter to him.

In his CV, the young computer scientist asks an annual salary of $12,000. Nevertheless, he says he is ready to consider any other remuneration. For the record, another old CV of the entrepreneur was shared by the official account of Windows France in 2013. On this document, Bill Gates is rather asking for an annual salary of 15,000 dollars.

Currently, the wealth of bill gates is estimated at $129 billion. He is the 4th richest man in the world, behind Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. The majority of Gates’ fortune comes from Cascade Investment, a holding company set up with revenue generated by Microsoft.

Strangely, young Bill Gates saw fit to specify their weight and height in his resume. When he was 18, he weighed 59 kg for 1.78 m. He also points out that he has no dependents. As Marc Cenedella, founder of Leet Résumés, a resume writing service, explains, Bill Gates had no good reason to divulge this information.

“Keep information that does not address your ability to be responsible and hardworking”advises Marc Cenedella.

Finally, note that the CV was typed with a typewriter. In 1974, personal computers were still in their infancy. It will be necessary to wait for the end of the Seventies, and in particular the arrival of Apple II, of Apple, so that the general public computers are democratized.

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