Bill Gates has the best style trick to be more productive and successful


The best-dressed men’s list usually doesn’t include the name Bill Gates, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn anything from him in this area, especially when looking to make the clothes we wear help us. in the area of ​​success and productivity.

The Microsoft founder is an expert on success and creativity, and over the years he’s shared a few secrets so everyone can have a little or a lot. He often says that reading is an essential habit and that there are certain books that are particularly useful, but he also knows that reading is not really enough. You must learn to have confidence in yourself, to develop your ideas, to overcome your fears and even to create winning and powerful looks, so that dressing well does not become an obstacle or an inconvenience.

Bill Gates is known for wearing affordable watches and simple looks, and we can learn some important lessons about how what we choose to wear can lead to more success and even more money.

Bill Gates and his style trick to be more successful

Bill Gates

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The first thing Bill Gates does is choose accessories and parts that are not expensive, which is actually something a lot of millionaires have in common. Why is it good and what are the benefits? Millionaires (businessmen, celebrities are different) don’t spend much on expensive clothes for two reasons, the first is that they know the clothes don’t really last, the second is that they prefer to spend sparingly , allowing them to keep the money they have and cut down on expenses that don’t add much to their life or work.

And Gates’ trick has a second part, which he shares with the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, who is with him on the list of the richest men today. The second part of the trick is to have a capsule wardrobe, consisting of few items, the same basics in different colors and only a few different items (like a winter coat or a few jackets).

Gates, Jobs and Zuckerberg do or have done this because having a capsule wardrobe takes the stress out of having to choose what to wear in the morning. It also saves time because you know everything in your wardrobe works and matches, and it frees your mind from having to focus on time-consuming non-essential tasks that could otherwise be spent on things of value. That’s not to say you have to wear the exact same outfit every day (it might sound a little eccentric), but that you have to cut back on your spending. Science has shown that having an overcrowded and cluttered closet creates stress, and that chronic or excessive stress can be bad for your health and the brain.

On the other hand, cleaning up and leaving only the essentials will allow you to have a more organized and relaxed life, and you are less likely to be late for work and have to rush to catch up. Finally, the trick helps create an image that you can relate to and that sends a clear message to others, so they can connect with your vision and character, which can lead to you being perceived as a better leader or to be remembered by people.

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