Bill Gates has been eating for free at McDo’s for years, here’s how

Bill Gates mange gratos au McDo depuis des années, voici comment

News JVTech Bill Gates has been eating for free at McDo’s for years, here’s how

Are you hungry and do you like tech? Then you’ve come to the right place. If the title took you aback, then we understand you. How can Bill Gates make many people’s dream of eating free at McDonald’s come true? It’s all about a special card, and he’s not the only one with it.

A card to eat for free at McDo, why Bill Gates

You’re a little tipsy with your friends and you pass a McDonald’s. If you’ve ever been through this, you know it’s very hard to resist. The quality is not necessarily there, but you fell in love more than once. You would like to explode your stomach but for fast food, it’s not cheap.

If only it was free. Well believe it or not, this is the case for quite a few people on this planet. Indeed, McDonald’s has taken care to offer “Gold cards” to certain people granting them full powers without a restaurant in the chain.

There are many examples, like Charles Ramsey. You don’t know him, but he is a hero who, in 2013, saved the lives of three women who had been kidnapped. Except that there is a small detail that is very important: before running to pick up the victims, he abandoned his half-eaten McDonald’s burger. This simple element allowed the American firm to seize the case and offer him a year of unlimited food in all restaurants and for life in his city in the State of Ohio.

But what interests us is Bill Gates. The billionaire and founder of Microsoft has done so much for the computer world, with of course the creation of Windows which still governs the vast majority of computers today. Bill is honored to have a Gold Card which is valid at all McDonald’s restaurants for life.

Officially, there is no explanation for this special title, but it is likely to be related to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is the most important foundation in the world, and it raises funds thanks to investments made by Bill in order to fight against poverty, infectious diseases or education. And until 2015, the foundation invested in the fast-food sector, which was able to grant this special card to the father of Windows.

New McDonald’s Gold Cards will be distributed

This is not totally new, because McGold cards (or Gold Card) had therefore already been given for specific reasons. But soon McDonald’s will start nominating random people to give them an infinite food card. To do so, simply place an order of at least 1 dollar from the mobile application.

And here is McDonald’s, which is back with its legendary “McGold Card” with free food for life. Customers can apparently win one from December 5, through their “The Season of Sharing” program in their app until Christmas.

This is a good strategy to get consumers to download the app to their smartphone, but be careful. Don’t be fooled, because the draw for potential winners is for the USA only.