Bill Gates addresses climate change tipping point

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Breakthrough Energy, the fund launched by Bill Gates that aims to fight climate change, has been betting on new innovative technologies for quite some time now. The idea this time is to operate a change of approach to gain in efficiency.

It was during a summit held in Seattle on October 19 that the organization explained this new method. Thus, Breakthrough Energy has previously focused on companies that attempt to reduce pollution in areas as diverse as transportation, buildings, and electricity generation.

Bill Gates wants to alleviate the suffering linked to climate change

It adds a new string to its strategy by focusing on adaptation to climate change. Quoted by Mit Technology ReviewEric Toone, technical manager of Breakthrough Energy’s investment committee, explains:

Mitigation will not get us there fast enough, and the suffering is unacceptable. So, while we will continue to focus on mitigation, we will broaden our scope to include adaptation.

This decision will, for example, take the form of support for technologies aimed at helping farmers cope with the droughts which are expected to be more and more frequent. Our colleagues also cite certain innovations that would make it possible to desalinate or extract humidity from the air.

Another angle of approach for the investment fund: the reinforcement of the world port infrastructure which will have to face a consequent rise in sea level and increasingly powerful storms.

And to provide the means for this ambition, Breakthrough Energy is in the process of raising a new fund, as Bill Gates recently confirmed. We do not yet know the size of the latter, but it should be quite substantial in view of the stakes.

Recall that last August, we learned that Bill Gates chose to invest in Blue Frontier, a startup that offers a new air conditioning technology that should see the light of day by 2026-2027.

The idea is to develop a system capable of drastically reducing CO2 emissions, and in particular by limiting leaks generated by refrigerants. The leader of the company thus promises: One of the benefits of Blue Frontier air conditioning technology would be an overall improvement in indoor air quality and a healthier indoor environment “.

On a more general level, Bill Gates decided last summer to transfer 20 billion dollars to the endowment fund of his foundation. He explained on this occasion: I have an obligation to return my resources to society in the way that has the greatest impact in reducing suffering and improving lives. And I hope other people in positions of great wealth and privilege will also go down this path. »