Bill Gates’ 5 tips for becoming a multi-millionaire


If Bill Gates made his fortune, it was because he had the genius to create a technology company that filled a void that no one seemed to care about. In other words, it was definitely not a matter of luck or accident. A brilliant student, he worked hard to be accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard. He ended up dropping out, sure, but only because he knew he had a great idea and needed time to develop it. This controversial decision ultimately became one of the main keys to his success. And this is perhaps the greatest lesson that the richest man in the world has to teach us: sometimes you have to know how to give up in order to succeed.

Here are Bill Gates’ 5 tips for becoming a multi-millionaire

It’s never too late to learn

Bill Gates may have dropped out of school, but he never stopped learning and in 2007 even received an honorary degree from Harvard University. Today, the former Microsoft boss attributes much of his success to his passion for reading. He also makes a point of keeping in touch with people he admires, like investor Warren Buffett, surrounding himself with knowledgeable people in different fields, and keeping up to date with important events happening every day. in the world.

Take risks to achieve your dreams

Leaving Harvard to found Microsoft was undoubtedly a huge risk, but Bill Gates knew he had all the keys in hand to make his idea a reality. This doesn’t just apply to business, but to any decision you make in life. You have to be prepared to fight to get what you want and to follow paths that few people take or you risk being stuck in the same place forever.

Don’t throw your money away

Bill Gates applies this principle at every stage of his life, even in the way he dresses. One of the keys to success and prosperity is to think carefully before spending your money so that you don’t have to sacrifice your plans and dreams. Of course, you can indulge yourself once in a while, but millionaires believe in spending in moderation and never “bet” amounts that would leave you in the red.

Know how to sleep and rest

In his blog, Bill Gates says that when he started his business, he hardly slept because he thought he had to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get what he wanted, before discovering that the lack of sleep and rest was negatively affecting his creativity and productivity. Today, he sleeps 8 hours a night and takes regular vacations to maintain good physical and mental health, avoid overwork and have enough energy to function.

Keep up to date with the news

Bill Gates always keeps up to date with the news. It is important to understand what the world needs at that time, but also to be a good leader and to become an influential person. Moreover, being informed can also give you ideas to develop your business or your career.

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