Apple, Google, car manufacturers… Elon Musk at war against the entire business planet?

Apple, Google, car manufacturers... Elon Musk at war against the entire business planet?

With the takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk has changed status and must now deal with rivals who have become his clients. However, the billionaire persists in his offensive communication and has lost a third of his advertisers in recent weeks.

Elon Musk opened a new front this week. And his adversaries are this time of size since it is nothing less than Apple and Google. In a tweet, the owner of Twitter and Tesla hinted that he could consider producing his own smartphone, competing with models running Android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

Responding to a YouTuber who mentioned the hypothesis of Twitter’s eviction from application stores, Elon Musk said that “if there was no other solution, he would make an alternative phone.”

It is once again the latest acquisition of the billionaire who is playing tricks on him. By buying Twitter and laying off two-thirds of the employees, Elon Musk has undermined moderation on the social network. However, Apple and Google guarantee the security of the applications offered in their stores. A Twitter plagued by extremist discourse and scams of all kinds does not pass with the two tech giants.

Musk challenges Tim Cook

To put the opinion in the pocket, Elon Musk did not hesitate to recall that Apple played the collectors on its store by collecting a “tax” of 30% on all the income generated by the applications.

At the same time, Apple has put a damper on its ads on Twitter. A very bad blow for Elon Musk since the iPhone manufacturer alone represents 4% of the social network’s turnover ($48 million spent in the first quarter of 2022).

If the apple firm does not seem to have completely stopped communicating on Twitter (as evidenced by this advert), Elon Musk still attacked Tim Cook in a series of tweets, suggesting that the Apple boss was not an ardent defender of freedom of expression.

Elon Musk is used to attacks and taunts with his rivals. He and Jeff Bezos have had unhelpful exchanges in the past about the conquest of space. Earlier this year, Musk called Mark Zuckerberg the “Louis XIV” of the internet because he owns Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Spikes until then without consequences.

One in three advertisers fled Twitter

But since the takeover of Twitter, the front has widened. In addition to the tech giants, it is now the car manufacturers, the airlines, the pharmaceutical companies and more generally all the potential advertisers of Twitter who are likely to suffer the wrath of the billionaire.

Since the takeover of the social network, one in three advertisers have paused their advertising purchases. Among the dozens of companies concerned, 14 were in the top 50 advertisers according to the washington post.

From Kellogg’s to the Merck laboratory via the telecom giant Verizon or the company United Airlines, the manufacturer General Motors or the French Stellantis, all its brands are now boycotting the site of Elon Musk.

Not unfortunate to put a spoke in the wheels of their rival, car manufacturers are obviously the most active. General Motors immediately ceased its Twitter ads the day after the takeover by Elon Musk and Group CEO Mary Barra hasn’t tweeted since.

The manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has gone further by promising to hire some of the thousands of Twitter workers laid off in recent weeks.

By opting for an offensive modus operandi, publicly attacking his competitors who became these customers with the takeover of Twitter, Elon Musk did not take the measure of his new status. The billionaire entrepreneur is now a media boss who can lose big by antagonizing bosses and companies as he does today.

As a reminder, part of the $44 billion paid to buy Twitter are pledged Tesla shares. Shares that have lost more than 50% of their value since the beginning of the year.

Popularity at half mast

Elon Musk defends his strategy on the political field. His decisions regarding Twitter would be “a battle for the future of civilization”.

“If free speech is lost in America, tyranny is all that awaits us,” he tweeted on November 29.

A dramatization which galvanizes its large fan base on Twitter but which makes it lose on the other tables: business and opinion. In 2022, Elon Musk’s popularity in the United States fell by 8 points, from 54 to 46% favorable opinion.