After the price drop, recent Tesla buyers feel robbed

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Following the sudden drop in car prices, Tesla customers feel robbed. However, the brand should not offer any compensation.

You’re here announced a significant drop in the prices of its cars for the United States and Europe, for a fifth of their initial value, all the same. This is very good news for those interested, of course, but it does not pass for customers who have recently purchased a Tesla at full price. This price reduction comes in a fairly turbulent time for Tesla, with the stock losing around 70% in 2022. Buyers are vocal on social media, expressing their displeasure, reminding that not everyone is a billionaire like Elon Musk.

Following the sudden drop in car prices, Tesla customers feel robbed

This rate reduction is good news for U.S. buyers as Tesla vehicles are now eligible for federal subsidies of up to $7,500. However, customers do not take kindly to this sudden devaluation of their new vehicle. Naturally, some are demanding that Tesla offer refunds or launch a compensation program that would cover this reduction in value, from the point in part.

This probably shouldn’t happen. In 2019, while discussing a rate increase on Twitter, Elon Musk remarked that customers want a lower rate for the car they buy after a rate increase, but “if the rates go up, those and those who have already bought have no desire to write a check to Tesla”. The only time Tesla issued refunds was in April 2021, when buyers were charged twice for their purchases.

The brand should not, however, offer any compensation

Analysts see this price reduction, which is around 20% in the US and European markets, as a way for Tesla to adapt to ever-increasing competition. A few days ago, Tesla announced a similar price cut in China in an attempt to regain market share from local competitor BYD, but customers reacted much more “violently”. Hundreds of them flooded the brand’s outlets demanding refunds. According to Reutersthe cost of a Tesla car in China is now between 13% and 24% lower than in September.

But there again, it would seem that their demands are not heard. A Tesla spokesperson told Reuters that the company does not intend to offer any compensation to customers who bought a car just before this price drop. Analysts are divided. Some see it as a masterstroke by the brand to maintain its dominance in an increasingly competitive industry, even in the US, while others worry about profit dynamics. for the company.