accounts certified before Elon Musk soon deprived of blue badge?

accounts certified before Elon Musk soon deprived of blue badge?

In a few weeks, certified Twitter accounts may have to put their hands in their pockets if they want to keep their blue badge. While the social network has just relaunched its new paid subscription to Twitter Blue, which notably gives access to a certified account against 8 to 11 dollars per monththe new boss of the platform Elon Musk has indicated that the old certifications will be withdrawn in the coming months for users who do not wish to pay this amount.

“In a few months, we will remove all old blue ticks. The way these badges were obtained was corrupted”, estimated the billionaire on Twitter on December 12.

This change of dogma is now visible on Twitter. Prior to December 12, a public figure’s certified account could read on the platform that their account was “certified because it is considered notable in the category of news, government, entertainment, or ‘another specific area’. For several hours, a new formula has been in effect: “This account has been certified for some time, it may no longer be notorious”. At the time of publication of this article, however, the formula was not visible to all users, a sign of a partial deployment.

Elon Musk determined to impose Twitter Blue at all costs

Even if a new about-face in this file is not to be excluded, Elon Musk no longer seems to want to leave the choice to Twitter users: in the future, the only way to have a certified account will be to pay the subscription to Twitter Blue. The billionaire hopes to generate a new source of income for the platform in need of profitability.

The disappearance of the certified accounts of public interest figures, such as journalists, activists or associations, however risksalter the authenticity of the information circulating on the platform. So far, earning a blue badge has been the result of a Twitter verification process that sifts through evidence of users’ public activity. It will now suffice to pay 8 dollars and provide a phone number for verification only. The first phase of the launch of Twitter Blue had also been marked by numerous usurpations of the accounts of celebrities or public entities.

After several tries, Elon Musk relaunched his new paid subscription to Twitter earlier this week. Along with access to a blue tick, Twitter Blue offers the ability to edit tweets, download videos in 1080p, and get less exposure to ads. The new subscription costs $8 per month if users subscribe via the website, and $11 per month if they go through the mobile application of an Apple-branded device (iPhone or iPad), Twitter obviously wishing to pass on the 30% commission charged on purchases and mobile subscriptions by Apple.

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