10 Simple and Actionable Tips

Doing a search on Google may seem simple. In reality, a good Google search is quite complex. Do you know which keywords to enter for optimal results? Do you think you are up to date on Google search? You will find out by reading this article and analyzing our 10 tips. And if this was not the case, great, it will mean that you have gained in efficiency today by developing your knowledge!

Google Search
How to do an effective Google search?

1 – Do not complicate your search

The main advice is to do not try to complicate your search thinking that adding extra keywords or super technical terms will get you a more accurate answer, because it doesn’t.

The simpler your search, the more likely you are to find results suited to your needs.

This is why it is generally advisable not to enter only one keyword in the search bar from Google. Remember to delete the words called “empty words” or “stop words” in English such as: le/un/du… These words are useless words for your search and they risk making the results less precise.

2 – Do an advanced search

To get the best results for your search, it can be very useful to give some details to Google. By specifying, for example, the target language, additional keywords or the type of files you wish to obtain, the search engine will be able to offer you answers adapted to your needs.

How to do an advanced search on Google? There are several solutions.

First, you can use custom URLs which will save you time. Here are the URLs to copy/paste depending on the device used:

For Google usage on an Android or iOS device:

  • For website search: google.com/advanced_search
  • For image search: google.com/advanced_image_search
  • For video search: google.com/advanced_video_search
  • For book search: google.com/advanced_book_search

This will take you directly to Google’s advanced search page.

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For using Google on a computer:

  • Write your query in the search bar, then start the search
  • Click on the settings symbol at the top right of your screen
  • Select “Advanced Search”

Again, you will be automatically redirected to the advanced search page and your initial query will be automatically filled in.

Google Advanced Search
How to do an advanced search on Google?

3 – Do not try to help Google by giving the answer to your question

It is not more effective to inform the indications annexes to your search as “marketing definition” if you seek a definition of this term.

It is more efficient to use terms called contextual terms. In the case of our example on the definition of the term “Marketing”, it will be more effective to note “definir marketing”.

4 – Do not hesitate to use question words

Who ? What ? When ? How ? Where ? Why ?

All of these questions are very effective in searches on Google! They indicate a context for your search and guarantee you more precise answers and adapted to your request.

5 – Put quotes on your search

Quotation marks tell Google the exact terms you want it to focus on.

You then tell it to do a search and show you all the pages that use this specific word or words.

Warning: the quotes also give an indication of the spelling of the target word, if you make a spelling mistake, the results may be biased.

And here are 5 more tips for effective Google search:

  • 6 – If you forgot a word in a very specific term, you can replace with a * to tell Google that you don’t know the word : this gives him the information that he must search for the missing word and find the adequate results. For example, if you forgot a word from the title of a song, you can write: “The * is dead tonight”.
  • 7 – The – allows you to exclude a search term : for example, if you are looking for a list of all the fruits that exist, but you want to exclude one that you already know and therefore do not need in the results, you can write: “list fruits”-banana .
  • 8 – If you want view all pages of a single websiteyou can type “site:”, then directly paste the URL of the site you are interested in.
  • 9 – For not see results only in the format you are interested in, you can type “filetype:”, then fill in the type of file (pdf, png, jpg, txt, etc.), then the term of your search. This will allow you to have only results that interest you.
  • 10 – You love a website and you would like to find similar ones to complete your info base, here’s how: type “related:”, then add the address of your favorite site.

And here are 10 simple and actionable tips to improve the effectiveness of your Google searches. If you know of other techniques, do not hesitate to send them to us in the comments!

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